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Friday, May 20, 2005

Roman Fever

You have 1 month to get a costume together for the ROMAN NIGHT at the BLC retreat 17-19 June. It looks like we essentially have to find ourselves large bedsheets. I think I'll end up at Kamdar, Megamall to buy cheap fabric (you can get it for RM2-3/metre).

Can't picture the look?
Look here, here, here and maybe here.
This would be just grand for your little boy!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mother’s Day Reality Check

This is dedicated to all the BLC moms and moms-to-be.

This year was my second time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Last year I only had one child. This year I have two! So it was double happiness. But in some ways, it was double trouble. My thoughtful husband wanted to treat me to a special family lunch at the place of my choice. I chose Little Vietnam at Mid Valley Megamall. (Note to self: Never go to Mid Valley on a Sunday with two kids who both need to nap.)

After a long hunt for a parking space and Noah losing one of his shoes, we got to the restaurant. Eliana had not slept all morning and should have been asleep by then. I think she wanted to give me her full attention all day long – as a gift, of course. We ordered our food and the kids started fussing. Noah would only eat the cookie sticks Eric bought him and cried if I tried to give him rice. Eric eventually had to leave the restaurant with a screaming Eliana.

As I sat there alone (with Noah) eating my delicious food, I started to feel sorry for myself. What kind of Mother’s Day was this turning out to be? But as I thought about it, I realized that THIS is what being a mom is all about. This is reality.

Children cry. They’re messy. They throw their rice on the floor and then ask for more. They interrupt meaningful conversations.They vomit on your nice Mother’s Day outfit. They don’t sleep when they’re supposed to and they lose their shoes at inconvenient times.

But these same children have smiles as bright as sunshine. They help you clean up their messes with tissues. They learn to do things like eat rice with their own spoon and make you so proud. They give you a thousand new meaningful things to talk about. You learn to wear the vomit stains as a badge honoring your motherhood. And when they finally sleep, you see only the angel in them. An angel wearing only one shoe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Episode IV returns

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Well in away ... they came before as James' LiFE Group, but now return for a visit - emerged as "Episode IV" from Burger King Bangsar.

We managed to read through the Book of Revelation chapter 13-22. It's been quite a while I had the chance of just sitting down and "listening" to big chunks of Scripture. Several words emerged more and certain themes like worship, endurance, perseverance, battle between good and evil, faithful witness for example, just couldn't escape my ears.

At some point I just closed my eyes to allow the words to create the images in my mind, and freely attempt to let whatever feelings or impressions surface.

Of course, to finish reading the book out loud is kind of an accomplishment. And could only be done in a way when we're a group (ah! the power of community), but more than that it's kind of counter-cultural to not pick and choose what to read and just let the words come to us just as they are written. awesome. I felt nourished in a strange way.

I'm excited to come like a new student and learn this "strange" book with the rest of Episode IV.