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Monday, November 22, 2004

Greetings! Thoughts about Sivin's sermon (on tape, that is)

Whoa. Is it quiet here ... :) Okay, I will make some noise.

I was sad I couldn't make it this Sunday. The reason is so duh. I woke up at nearly 11am on Sunday. How sad is that? It was a bit perplexing because I purposely slept at the right time so that I could wake up in time, but it didn't work because the sun was hidden behind a thick blanket of clouds. Therefore, being a sun-based kind of creature, I woke up when the sun "rose" around 11. Sheesh.

I hope everyone is doing all right! I hope to see you guys next week. I will set the alarm clock this time!

I heard Sivin's sermon, A Life Without Answers and surprise, surprise, he was talking about the book of Job, my current "most read" book of the bible. (And that is, sadly, not saying much.) There were a lot of significant things Sivin said, and it does make me realise how little I know about God, and how little upstart me is like Job, demanding answers when I probably can't comprehend them. God could've easily asked me: "Were you there when I created the Earth?"

Sadly, I've not read the last chapter of Job like Sivin said we should, so have not gotten the whole "gist" of the story. On the whole, the book of Job is something I can definitely relate to; Job's questions and laments, and the words of his friends ... all I've heard before (from my own lips and from the lips of others).

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rat Attack!

The following episode happened after the Sunday Worship gathering last week - just to prove surprises are always around the corner - even in the church!

BLC Bananas have extra ummph! Posted by Hello

One upon a time a group of BLCians were simply just enjoying the tasty sweet fried bananas from the backyard so kindly served to them by our very own first lady in the kitchen.

men at work (sort of!) Posted by Hello

According to the BLC cultural customs, men are also supposed to do some work ... there are of course one or two that specialize in fooling around as evidenced here.

Our latest bride alarmed by a little monster Posted by Hello

Wham! Whoosh! Arrghhh ... (fill in the blanks with your imagination), our 1st lady of the kitchen leaps out of the cooking zone and comfort zone into a state of distress!

A few good men to the rescue ... Posted by Hello

In moments of crisis, our heros attempt to rise to the challenge (or I mean chase the little culprit which caused such chaos)

The intruder squashed by the dynamic east-west duo Posted by Hello

After a fierce battle, finally it's the senior experienced guards who "squash" this little uprising! (hmm ... where are the other guys?)

Victory sparks roaring laughter Posted by Hello

Anyway, celebation is still for all ... and we thunder in jubilation.

Our first lady in the kitchen rejoices! Posted by Hello

Apparently, somehow our distressed 1st lady of the kitchen was transported from one corner to another and relieved that our world is once again in peace and safety ...

:-) To be continued .... (when the next surprise comes along!)