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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Finding a Home at BLC

Thanks to Sivin for inviting me to participate in the blog. I feel honored! This first post will be to introduce myself and my family and why we have started attending BLC.

I’m Amy, my husband is Eric and our son is Noah (almost 2 years old). Our baby daughter is due to arrive any day now! We are Americans and have been living in Malaysia for 3 years. Almost all of that time has been in Kajang, mainly because it is close to UKM. We studied Malay there for about 9 months and then Eric has continued studying and just completed his Master’s Degree in Linguistics. I have mostly been a full-time wife and mom, with some part-time work on the side.

Before coming to BLC, we attended a Malay speaking church in Kajang. It was a good experience for us in many ways, mainly in learning the langauge! But as our family has grown, our needs have changed. We didn’t fit in so well in a church of mostly university students. And even though we are comfortable in Malay, we didn’t feel like we were growing and learning as much as we should, or participating in the church life. Sometimes we just didn’t have the energy to wade through all the cultural and language barriers. We realized we needed to worship in our own language and to find a church that was suitable for a growing family.Well, BLC seems to be a place where lots of families are growing!

We found out about BLC through the internet, of all places. We checked out this blog along with others related to it. We read some of Sivin’s posts as well. We could see that BLC was a different kind of church. We were impressed with the kinds of things people were writing about and the kind of community that was represented. We decided to give it a try.

We liked BLC immediately. People greeted us warmly. There were tables and chairs, candles – really nice ambiance. It felt like coming into a café in some ways, more than a church. The cross made of lighted pictures sets a nice tone too. Then there was the kids' area and the emphasis on intergenerational worship. We had come at just the right time apparently, because all of this is just getting started.

So we felt comfortable right away. We have started attending a Life Group and getting to know people little by little. But we still have a lot of people to meet and a lot of names to remember! So please forgive us if we forget your name, or can’t quite remember if we have met you already.

We are looking forward to great times of fellowship with the BLC family, to mutual encouragement in the Lord and to being a part of a community that is seeking to obey God and show His love to others.


Blogger SB said...

Your picture makes me smile :)
Welcome! It's wonderful you are able to feel just like we did two years ago within BLC in such a short amount of time...

7:36 am

Blogger Sivin Kit said...

a big welcome to Eric, Amy, Noah and we're excited about baby no. 2 coming as well. Amy, your words are so encouraging and your presence with Eric and Noah has been a wonderful "booster" for our Saturday LiFe Group ... which is in "nourishment season" (formerly known as confinement) again :-)There's still quite a journey go for all of us individually and as a church, "hope on the bus" as we use to sing "God's on the move .. there's a seat for me and a seat for you."

1:17 am

Anonymous Messy Christian said...

I'm glad you're happy here. I found BLC the same way too - through the Internet. :)

2:39 pm

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10:43 am


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