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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

BLC's Youths' Night Out - Last Week many new posts, a new poster and a couple of old posters whom haven't posted in a while =) Can't be letting the 'youth' of BLC go un-represented right? *hehe*

Who are we? - We're the 'youth', but it boggles us that the 'older people' of BLC keep calling us the young adults. I mean, like..."huh?" ;) We're also commonly known for 'goofing off' and definately, eating =D

Recently, a new Life Group was formed, known as the Baptism & Affirmation group for now. Also popularly known (popular to all except one! ;) as James' group - the Next Gens.

We combined old members of the previous Life Group with a few newer BLC-ians. We've been rockin' since day 1! God's been wonderful to us, and has been among us every time we meet, and I believe with us individually too.

We've grown and transitioned together nicely, it's been a great beginning. We're a close and tight unit. When Rev. Sivin, our current Life Group facilitator postponed our usual Wednesday meeting, we couldn't help but still eat of course! =D

It won't be for quite a few years more before BLC has youths proper. But for now, we're willing to represent ;) Until the kiddies grow up and are due to take their rightful places with youth-hood *haha*


Blogger Lepak said...

I dunno about you, Chin Hor but I think I'll be more willingly to be the "youth" in church for many years to come. ;P

4:48 pm

Blogger DB said...

who you calling old kid ?

5:24 pm

Blogger Sivin Kit said...

Age is a delicate matter but it's relative. I've seen some in their "Golden years" with much youthful vigor. I heard one 70plus year old guy willing to learn computer and spanish - some so called "younger" fellas have so little desire to learn new stuff ... so go figure your self. :-) anyway, I still feel young mentally maybe not physically hahaha

5:38 pm

Blogger Chin Hor said...

I said 'older people', with them inverted commas ;) I didn't call anyone old, BLC-ians are all young in general =)

10:06 am


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