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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Trials & Temptations

Our LiFE Group just finished the last session of “Pray This Way”. It was about temptations and deliverance. The pre-dominant sharings about temptations we faced were being on auto-pilot, maintenance mode, comfortable, etc. with our discipleship. Sometimes this is observed in ministries of BLC.

There was a question on the difference between “lead us not into temptation” and “deliver us from evil”. We concluded that it’s the hope that we can cling on to because we could ask for us not to be led into temptation, and at the same time if we’re in it we could ask to be delivered from evil. See 1 Cor. 10:13, this has been a very encouraging verse to me personally since I was a kid.


Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

It's nice to see what other Life Groups are doing. We also finished the same session last week. The question of 'Does God tempt/test us?' was a challenging one. We concluded that God does test us, but doesn't tempt us. But in the notes, temptation and testing can be used interchangeably. That makes things slightly more complex. Anyone here would like to enlighten us?

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