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Monday, September 27, 2004

Stepping In!

As I step into the waiting room, I see many of my friends.... good to be greeted by friends....

Reminds me of (Gives me a glimpse of) heaven..... when the day comes for me to step into the waiting room, its good if we can see those whom we love there as well (no morbidity here.... just a sense of Christian family)

Sometimes, especially our loved ones whom we don't see often, whom as far as we know are not believers yet, we often pray that God will somehow lead them to Him....oh the joy when we walk into the 'Waiting Room' and see them there....

On another note.....yesterday's service wa fun..... an informal converstation with a missionary to France.... quite eye opening and very impactful, makes me look at my life again.... what I can do...what God wants me to do....

Anyway....this is a great place.... so BLCians, do come.... on, we have much to share with you... enjoy your visit!!!


Blogger Sivin Kit said...

what questions would you have, if I gave you a chance to interview me? hehehe

11:56 am

Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

Welcome home! ;o)

12:37 pm


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