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Friday, September 24, 2004

The Communion of Saints

Here's a photograph I rediscovered recently while running through my archives. I made some adjustments on Photoshop and decided to go for a less-saturated, washed-out look, lots of white space and some grain the the dark areas. I felt it gave the scene a certain mood.


Even though it's a simple snapshot of an often under-appreciated 'ritual', I see and feel a lot going on in this one fraction of a second, captured in this one frame. Prayer... Contemplation... A sense of expectation... Solidarity... A feeling of peace, contentment, wander... Harmony... Love... Family...


Blogger Sivin Kit said...

looking forward to more "images" that captures moments of Grace!

5:06 pm

Blogger Messy Christian said...

I love Communion time as well. I don't know, but I've never done it this way before. The first time I had communion at BLC, I was frankly confused. Er, why didn't people tell me when to drink and eat? hehe. And I'm so used of doing it in such a "solitary" way, me, sitting without friends (or one or two friends) in a huge congregation, seperated and alone in a sea of people.

Funny, but when I took communion at BLC I felt as if we were taking communion like a family. Wonder if anyone else feels the same?

11:38 pm

Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

I feel the same. :o)

12:15 pm


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