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Monday, September 27, 2004

A party at my place in November

After reading DB's post Refreshment day, I felt a pang of regret for missing church last Sunday. I did promise Sivin I'll come by, however I felt that I had to stay home on Sunday because of a personal matter.

Anyway, being a lover of parties - or at least, hosting them - I was hoping to have a get-together at my apartment sometime in November. The question I'm posing is: Is November a good time, and if so, when? I'm definitely open to October as well, and I know December is most probably going to be hellish for many. However, I can't seem to remember when flowerpot John's wedding is. Er, is it next month or November? Sorry, I'm terrible with details. I'm still trying to remind myself NOT to forget my friend's wedding this Saturday!

I plan to cook a few things, er, but since I don't want to subject so many people to my culinary 'abilities', I thought a pot luck would be a cool thing.

So, what do you guys think? Input much appreciated.


Blogger Sivin Kit said...

Flowerpot John will blossom into marriage in December. Thus, November would be a good time ... October is Reformation Month and we've got a chance to watch the Luther Movie on the 31st of October. Rev. Wolgang will be doing a talk on Indulgences and the superstition of the middle ages ... :-) which we may find not too different from some forms of so called modern religion

7:24 pm

Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

I don't mind you cooking, and I'm sure David will promise not to comment unless you want him to. ;o) So how about it? You prepare us a feast! BLCians aren't difficult to please... we'll be happy simply because you thought of us and invited us to your home. :o)

November is fine, but don't do it on the 1st, cause that's the day I was born. (Everyone... hint, hint.) ;o)

Looking forward to your party!!!

Oh, by the way... your friend's wedding is this Saturday. Just thought I'd do my part and remind you.

2:06 am

Blogger DB said...

Hi MC, happy to help with the cooking, James I don't generally comment on others though I have been known to offer a tip. I am actually easy to please with food but people often think I must be fussy and get nervous about me being there. Am just a typical results focussed dude who wants to everything just so when I am doing it ;-)Early November might be good before Sigrun bursts !

9:34 am

Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

David, I only said that in jest, and also to reassure MC that eventhough you're a good chef, you wouldn't comment on her cooking unless she asked you for some tips. So she doesn't have to worry about her 'abilities'. Hope I didn't come across wrongly.

11:28 am

Blogger Sivin Kit said...

Make it so ... (whooosh! BLC enterprise flies on!)

Remember November 1st week . James got birthday, Emergent Malaysia meeting on 6th, and BLC is planning a "Evangelism for dummies" (eheheh) seminar facilitated by chef dummy Kit (me?) on 5-7 Nov.

12:17 pm

Blogger Lepak said...

haha When it comes to food anytime is find with me!! Er, MC you sure you want us to come over and mess up your house? hehe...Potluck would be good. James can make his Cocoa pudding ;P

BTW just another reminder, DUN FORGET to go for your fren's weding this saturday! ;)

12:28 pm

Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

Yes... your friend's wedding is THIS Saturday! ;o)

2:00 pm

Blogger Messy Christian said...

Hehe! Thanks for the reminders, James! I think I'm about 60% to remembering about this Saturday already. ;)

DB, tell ya what - I make a really good assistant. Y'know, I wash plates really well and can even carry the wok too! :)

If I do 'cook', I'll probably do some desert thing. Like Jellies! hene.
Okaylah .. maybe I could try a nyonya recepi or something ... have to preserve my heritage after all

10:11 pm

Blogger James Tan Chin Choy said...

Let's take it to 70%... your friend's WEDDING is THIS SATURDAY! Moh Foong, who is known here as 'lepak' somehow, also contributed to the reminders. We care about you attending the wedding. ;o)

And please do make some nyonya dishes! I love nyonya food! Do you write food articles for the Star? You should bring us along so you can taste a wider variety of food, as we'll help you eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, well, you know... and eat.

1:50 am

Blogger DB said...

*drool* okra nyonya style, saw recently that a nyonya cook book has been made here in Malaysia, got to get me one of those !

12:51 pm

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