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Friday, September 24, 2004

My first post! :)

Hi there! I'm glad this blog is up and running, and I thought this was a great idea, James!

I hope more people from BLC will join this blog. A blogging church indeed! Eventhough I'm not "officially" a member yet, I just want to say BLCers are a lucky bunch to have such interactivity and sense of community. I've honestly have not "belonged" in any church except BLC, and this in a mere few months.

Anyway, it's been a little bit of a rough week for me, what with my pooch's health not being excellent and all, but despite this, I can see God's goodness in it. I've often wondered how strange it is that in our most difficult times we feel ever so close to Him, but during times of aplenty, we often get distracted and move away from Him, hence Him feeling "distant".

Here's my little piece today. :)


Blogger steven edward streight said...

Here is a tip: go into the template and fiddle with it a bit.

The "description" text, reverse white all CAPS type against a pale blue background = very hard to read. This text should be very easy and inviting to read.
In the template, I think it's called "text transform" and you can change the value to "none" to get rid of all caps.

Then I suggest changing the color from white text to maybe a midnight blue, or else make the background color darker so the white text stands out better.

I like to use blogs as hybrids: half blog/half web site. In other words, make the blog a highly useful spot, add right column links to things your congregation would tend to want to visit, right from the blog itself:

other Lutheran resources sites (Christian classics online) (Barna Christian pollster research)

a blog roll



12:12 pm

Blogger steven edward streight said...

Why is the URL "myfathershouse" but the blog title is "the waiting rooom"?

12:13 pm

Blogger FlowerPot John said...

Hello all....glad to know we're going online as a whole church now....anyway, James, the invite yu sent me got corrupted,cannot complete registration....

May I have another? ;)

9:12 am

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